Painting preparation

Exterior panting preparation: MP Home Services LLC will protect all necessary areas with drop cloths. Surfaces will be scraped of peeling paint and sanded. Glossy surfaces will be sanded to assure proper adhesion. Deteriorated glazing compound around windows will be replaced, and window sashes will be razored clean and washed (if applicable). All cracks in wood will be filled with latex caulk to lock out moisture. Areas of bare wood will be primed.

When the job is completed, paint residue and debris will be cleaned up and taken away. Unused paint will be labeled and left at job site. Due to conditions that may not be observable at the time of evaluation, additional repairs/costs may become necessary. Customer will be notified at time of discovery if any such conditions later become apparent and will be required to sign an Additional Work Order for said repairs.

Interior panting preparation: This process starts at the estimate and is continued with our professional painting crews that will be working with you on your project. When MP Home Services LLC paints your interior, you can expect the following: An arranged time to complete your work that is mutually agreed upon. Professional applicators that take pride in their workThorough surface preparation before any materials are applied Job site kept neat and clean while the work is in progress Colors to match your requirements Two coat application for all color changes Premium grade products.


Your roof keeps water out and protects you from the elements. Because of its important function, your roof should be in top shape all year long. If it’s too far for repair, you need to schedule a complete replacement. MP Home Services LLC, as a rule does generally not recommend inspecting your roof yourself. We always say let the professionals handle it but we also understand that there are, at times, the need to check for damage, leaks or to repair something small. Use the right materials: one of the reasons your roof needs replacing years before the end of its service life is because the materials that you chose were of poor quality. Keep in mind that different materials work better with certain roof styles and homes. This may depend on certain factors, such as your home’s structural design and the climate of your location. You can ask your roofing company for recommendations about the best materials to use.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roofing is strenuous and dangerous work and it demands heavy lifting, climbing, bending, and kneeling. safety firstRoofers are at a greater risk of slipping or falling from scaffolds, ladders, or roofs- which is why a professional roofing company like MP Home Services LLC complies with OSHA standards of safety and consistently provides safety training to our roofing crews.